Friday, August 10, 2007

IUMC is 100 years old. The celebration day (AUG 5, 2007) was wonderful. 127 celebrants were ready to worship at 9:30 a.m. Special guests included Bishop Robert Hayes and his wife Dee, District Superintendent Chuck Horton and his wife Nancy, and pastor families from our past Faye Good and Judith and Robert Eichling. There were lots of other visitors from near and far as well as regulars and irregulars. Our special centennial speaker, Bishop Robert E. Hayes, Jr., delivered a powerful message of hope and celebration. The music complimented each part of the service from Janie Harrell’s ever amazing piano playing to Bob Macfadzean on violin to the congregational singing and the choir belting out “How Great Thou Art.” The service is available on videotape for anyone who would like to view it (assuming there were no technical difficulties*).

After church and before the luncheon, folks visited, purchased commemorative centennial plates, looked at church photo albums, toured the church, and prepared for the upcoming meal. Lunch was served at 12:00 noon as planned. In contrast to the story of Jesus feeding the multitude with three fish and two loaves of bread, at our centennial lunch he fed 100 with enough food for 1000. It was quite a banquet. Look for pictures in this week’s County Times and join us for worship service next Sunday.

*Late breaking news…There were technical difficulties. The service recorded with picture only. Where did the sound go? We haven’t found it yet. So, the video is available for viewing but you can’t hear the Bishop preach, or the choir sing, or the musicians play…

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