Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Friday Service

Upon entering the sanctuary with somber reverence each person was handed a bulletin, a small envelope and an equally small piece of paper. The paper contained these instructions:

"On this piece of paper we want to allow you to write down any issue in your life that is keeping you from growing closer to Christ, maybe it is a past sin in which you seek forgiveness or maybe it is some issue in your life which you feel walls you off from Christ. Whatever the issue we want to offer you the chance to confress it on this piece of paper, and place it in the sealed envelope and offer it over to God, seeking God's love, grace and forgiveness. No one will see the contents of your envelope; this issue in your life is between you and God. When you are done place it in the bowl at the foot of the Cross of Christ."

Patrick burned the envelopes with their personal messages inside. He brought the bowl of ashes to church on Easter Sunday letting us know that when he was carrying the bowl in, the wind blew everyone's sins in his face. Well, not all of them.

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