Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010 Board Meeting

17 people in attendance.
Patrick opened the meeting in prayer.
The minutes from the March meeting were read and approved. (There wasn't a meeting in April because of Easter.)
Treasurers Report:
We are up $2000 since March. Harold would like to be up another $2000.
Building Fund=$3708.61
General Fund=$3546.82
Billye has a fundraising idea. She thinks it would be interesting for people to write their stories about life when they grew up, tell what an average day was like, so that kids now and in the future will know how it was to live without microwaves and other inventions that we don't even know about yet. We would put all the stories in a book, publish it and sell it.
Propane update: $260 bill for April.
Committee Reports:
UMW---They had a wonderful Surprise Birthday Party for Virginia for their April meeting. There is another meeting this week, May 5. UMW has no $ worries.
Trustees---We have a contract to fix the Bell Tower. They will replace the window with a decorative Plexiglass window ($248 for the Plexiglass and $200 for the design). A metal door will be installed.
The hydrant that caused the water leak has been fixed. Daryl built a boundary around it with bricks and decorative rocks to keep people from accidentally knocking into it.
We need to have a work day to get several projects done. Trash Off and Cemetery Work Day are on May 15. We decided to wait until June for the church work day.
Choir---For 2 weeks the choir has sung out of the 101 Songbook. They sang at the Baptist Church evening singing and at the Benefit for TSA.
Old Business:
VBS is set for the week before Fathers Day. The theme is High Seas Expedition.
Thursday night study and/or instructional DVD viewing. Patrick and Billye agreed to get together to work out the details on this.
New Business:
We have 4 graduates: Kyle Carothers (College), Tyler Rhoads and Mattie Jones (Jr. High) and Laycee Haynes (High School). Alba is taking care of gifts for our graduates and gifts for mothers at the Mothers Day worship service.
Pastor's Report:
Mattie and Cassie are going on the mission trip to Espanpola, New Mexico in June.
June Tucker will be preaching at our church on May 9th because Patrick will be in Nebraska at his nephew's high school graduation May 5-9.
Patrick is speaking at IHS Baccalaureate on May 16.
There was a discussion about having a quarterly community singing and a welcome back to school block party. We are going to prayerfully consider these things and revisit them at the June board meeting.
Daryl closed the meeting with prayer.

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