Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Program

Sunday, December 19, 7:00 p.m.

Santa Couldn't come to our Christmas program this year, he was gone visiting friends in Texas. Does anyone besides me think Santa should go on vacation every year and skip our church program? I'm talking about Santa, not Fred.

Our Christmas program began with a congregational Christmas song that was followed by Patrick reading a Christmas story, SANTA KID, to the children. Who knew James Patterson was writing children's books?

At the end of the story, Patrick explained that the message of the book is "believe" and that we need to believe in Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas. He then gave each child a copy of the book.

Mary and Joseph, shepherds and angels took their places around the manger as the choir sang.

As always, our program ended with a collection for the Circle of Care, passing out treat bags, exchanging gifts and then a finger food feast in Fellowship Hall.

I hope to get some pictures of the "Nativity Scene." I couldn't take them because I was narrating the story from the choir loft.

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