Friday, October 16, 2015

Charge Conference 2015

On October 4, 2015 at 5:30 pm, we met in the Cache UMC Sanctuary for our yearly Charge Conference.  This is the first time we’ve done it as a group of small churches.  Because of the new district alignment, we now have too many churches in our district to do individual Charge Conferences.

District Superintendent Chris Tiger opened the meeting with prayer. A representative from each church stood up and shared what is going on in his/her church.  Fred Dissinger did an excellent job telling about the things we have done this past year.  Four other churches were there: Manitou, Wesley Chapel, Elmer and Tipton.  We have the largest congregation of them all.  Manitou and Tipton have single digit attendance.

The pastors each spoke briefly describing the life of their churches.

The last part of the business meeting was voting.
1. Pastor’s Compensation (his paycheck) – Daryl made a motion to accept the Pastor’s compensation, Patsy Stoll seconded.  Motion passed.
2. Nominations (new people on committees) – Shelia Wood made a motion to accept the Nominations report; Alba Dissinger seconded. Motion passed.
3. Approval of Lay Servant status (Daryl and Anna) – Herwanna made a motion to approve the Lay Servant status, Fred Dissinger seconded. Motion passed.
4. Voting for Anna Jones’ Mission Candidacy was voted for by secret ballot. Passed.

The meeting was closed with prayer.  We left the sanctuary and entered Fellowship Hall where the Cache Church had prepared a feast of hamburgers, hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches with all the trimmings.  There was a separate table of salads and another of desserts.  Nolan Watson hired a security team to guard the desserts. (That's Nolan's sense of humor.)

Dinner was followed by a worship service.

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