Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Joys

Here is some wonderful news from Jay Hunt, father of Madison, the five-year-old girl on our prayer list. "My daughter and my family have received good news, the Leukemia cells can not be detected in the bone marrow and pending a test result from the national laboratory where the bone marrow sample has been sent, the leukemia will officially be in full remission. Thank you for your prayers."
Katherine had a God sighting on Christmas Eve: "On Christmas Eve mom was without heat or electricity at Brookridge. We went to get her. We tried to get the car close to the ramp at the house and got well and truely stuck in the snow. At the point we were stressing the most a truck pulled up behind us and three young men stepped out offering assistance. They not only used the truck to pull us out but helped move a vehicle in our drive and then helped mom up the steps and into the house! God's true gift to us on the eve of Christmas!!! I do not even know who they were but they have my gratitude for their selfless act of caring!"

Deloris shared in church about a special encounter she had. She was sitting in her living room and looked outside to see an angel shoveling snow off of her porch.

Thanks to all of you who remember to do kind things for others, who are available to help when the occasion arises and who intercede for others through prayer.

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