Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Sermon

Genesis 9:8-17
Patrick preached on Noah and the flood. He said we often think about it as a child's story perfect for Sunday School but forget the real tragedy of the event. Noah & his family didn't die but they lost everything else. EVERYTHING. Their homes, their belongings, their friends, their neighbors, their community, their lifestyle...

And what did they do in the ark for amusement? I lasted one night in Indiahoma without electricity and had to head to Lawton, the monotony was driving me nuts. Patrick said Noah was in the ark for about 9 months. Was his first step out onto the land like a rebirth, being born out of the womb of the ark? Then what did they do? How did they rebuild? They couldn't spend time with friends. There weren't people who could offer services. There were no towns, no stores, no equipment...

Now let's fast forward to the present day. We were out of electricity for six days and no water for two days. I missed the lights, TV, computer, cooking (electric stove), washing machine, dish washer and probably most of all, the coffee pot. I was fortunate, my daughter's power in Lawton only went off for a few hours. I moved in with her and it was like being on a strange vacation. I had all the comforts of home and then some. Beth cooked for me.

The things Noah and his bunch were dependent on are a lot different than the things we depend on and miss when they are unavailable. But the one thing we really need was the same in Noah's time and in ours, and that is God.

I thank God this morning for lights, a working computer and a good sermon to blog aobut.

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