Saturday, March 27, 2010

Send Crosswire to Illinois

Crosswire has played at many of our Lawton District churches and was the featured teen entertainment at the Lawton District Conference in 2009. The band wants to play in the Cornerstone Christian Music Festival this summer and we can help send them there. The 12 bands with the most votes will be going to Illinois in July.

You can vote for Crosswire at Go to the website, register (create an account), get your password from your email, log in to Cornerstone, click on New Band Showcase 2010 - Vote Now, scroll down and click on Crosswire, then cast your vote. There are several steps the first time you vote. You can vote daily and by bookmarking the page you cast your vote on, you can go directly to that page once a day to vote.

Some people in the music Industry will listen to the remaining bands and select their 4 favorites, making a total of 16 bands participating in a battle of the bands competition. The winner gets to play on the main stage with Skillet, a very popular Christian rock band. Let's send these boys to Illinois to represent Oklahoma at Cornerstone Festival.

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